The List is comprised of barristers with diverse qualities and experience to match the needs of the client.

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Areas of Practice

The List comprises depth and breadth of choice across most practice areas.

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Contact the Clerk

The clerk, Michael Drummond, can advise as to suitability and availability.

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Hemmant's List

Hemmant’s List provides a single point of contact to identify the right barrister for the client’s needs, from a diverse list of counsel, based on experience, expertise and cost.  The diversity of the list assists those seeking to support equitable briefing practices.  Find out more

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List Clerk

The List Clerk can advise which barrister is suitable for the brief by virtue of his or her experience, expertise, availability and cost.

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List Barristers

The barristers on the List can be contacted directly for enquiries as to availability and cost if preferred.

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The right barrister for the brief

Solicitors and clients may make informed choices as to who to brief by enquiry of the clerk or use of the website.


Mediation is a form of dispute resolution that is an alternative to litigation.
However, that is an over-simplification. Contextually, it is an essential part of the litigation process and operationally it can also be an effective strategic tool. When, How and Why parties participate in a mediation are critical considerations.


A diverse range of qualities and experience to meet diverse needs

A wide range of practice areas with the services of clerks for greater convenience